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Lemonade Babies

- Ina May Gaskin

"Your body is not a lemon"

About Eleanor Turner

Lemonade Babies is owned and operated by Eleanor Turner.  

Eleanor is a certified birth doula, postpartum doula, postpartum placenta specialist, breastfeeding counselor, and childbirth educator, and is able to offer a complete range of services to pregnant women and new parents.  

Eleanor received her birth and postpartum doula training with the certifying organization ICEA. She acquired her postpartum placenta specialist certification and childbirth educator through ProDoula, and is also a certified Breastfeeding Counselor through Breastfeeding USA. 

Eleanor is the author of several books, including Baby Names 2017.

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It is the role of Lemonade Babies to build confidence, help support, and provide the education and tools required to help every women experience birth the way she wants to.

We offer a range of services throughout pregnancy and beyond, including a birth doula, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, breastfeeding counselor, and childbirth educator.​

Our goal is to leave you feeling empowered about your choices and experience, by providing completely judgment-free support.

Lemonade Babies was founded upon the philosophy made popular by the extraordinary midwife Ina May Gaskin, who said "Your body is not a lemon" - meaning it's not defective or incompetent.  I believe that every woman's body is designed to give birth to and nurture the baby she has grown during her pregnancy. It's all about lemonade, not lemons.