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Thanks Eleanor... I really appreciate it so much! Could not have done it without u!! We loved working with you so much!!! Thank you for everything you have done with us!! We appreciated everything!!


As I sit here on this snowy Saturday, I look over at my son. He is my everything. He looks so much like his Daddy but I'm starting to see little hints of myself too. But, my husband and I aren't the only people that come to mind when I see him. I also reminded of our amazing doula, Eleanor Turner. Originally I had wanted so badly to deliver at a birthing center, but my insurance wouldn't cover it. So I opted to have the baby in the hospital with the help of a doula. I came across Eleanor's video and knew she was a perfect fit for our family! She came over to our house to meet us and was one of the warmest, most sincere people I have ever met! I knew within the first 5 minutes we would hire her. I opted to take a few private classes with Eleanor as well, including Feeding Your Baby. I got more out of those couple hours with her than I did with a 20 hour birthing class! When it was time for her to come to the hospital to meet us at 4am, my husband called her and she was on her way. I had a lot of back labor when baby boy moved down and Eleanor was right there reminding me to breathe when I felt like I was going crazy from unbearable pain. She supported my decision to get an epidural after a few hours of trying different positions, massage, oils. I hadn't slept in 36 hours, had contractions for 2 days and just wanted relief. She stayed with me and reassured me when I felt like I "failed" my dream of a natural birth. We watched a really strange movie on TV, sat together and talked. It was like taking to a friend I've known forever! She was a great coach to both me and my husband, especially when I was in so much pain I couldn't look at or hear anyone in the room and my husband was getting a little scared for me. She held one leg and my husband held the other as I pushed. She was so encouraging the whole time! She stayed with us after our son was born, took pictures and helped with breastfeeding. Her help was unmeasurable and I couldn't imagine how we could have done it without her!

This little guy is 3 weeks old and proud to be a Lemonade Baby!!! My delivery had some very tough moments and if it weren't for Eleanor helping my husband and myself I don't know what we would have done!! She definitely gave me confidence that I didn't know I had! I will forever be grateful!  #weloveourdoula


It was such a honor having you encapsulate my placenta! I absolutely love that you did it in my home. My son was fascinated with everything you were doing and even reminded me to take my "vitamins" tonight. ;) Thank you for being so flexible and willing to squeeze me in at the last second. We truly appreciate that!! You're amazing and so easy to talk to. I'm going to miss you!


Lucky number 23 here. It's been 6 months and I just wanted to tell you we are all doing great. Chloe is thriving and she's got quite the little personality. I've been meaning to do this for a while...but babies, you know. I've had a lot of time to reflect and I'm just so happy with how my (first) labor and birth went and you were so integral in that process. My husband said there was no way he could have done the hip presses by himself and he appreciated that you just knew what to do - whether it was call the nurses when my water broke, have me drink to stay hydrated, or have me switch my laboring position. Your calming presence is exactly what I needed in the hospital. I'm glad you liked the playlist my husband put together (good suggestion!) and don't worry, we won't out you on your guilty pleasure song. :) Thank you again and you're the first call I'm making when we decide on baby #2!

Having Eleanor involved with my birth was the cherry on top of an amazing birth experience. She was there ahead of time to help us discuss how we hoped things would go and what our (my) fears were. At the time of labor, she was there offering physical pain relief and reassuring me that my decisions were the best ones I could make. I ended up having a C section, which was exactly what I walked into the day NOT wanting to happen. Yet, instead of leaving disappointed, I felt like a superhero who was able to make a rational choice to go this route for the health of her baby. This was due to the support and trust I felt from all members of my team, particularly Eleanor. I will always recommend a doula to my pregnant friends from here on out and Eleanor would always be my preferred pick. Thank you friend for helping me bring this beautiful little girl into the world!




Eleanor and I were colleagues when I got pregnant with Kate. From the start, Eleanor was more than a support: she was my go-to for everything! Her extensive knowledge of pregnancy, hospital care, nursing, pumping, work-life balance... all the above just put everything into perspective for me and it made it easier for me to coordinate life. I am beyond blessed to have met her and have her in our lives, and she continues to be a huge support.



I am Eleanor’s sister and I had the privilege of her support when I had my second baby at home. I live in the UK and Eleanor had only been in the country for 24 hours when I went into labour in the middle of the night. Undeterred by jetlag, she helped my husband inflate and fill my birth pool and was a tremendous source of support for me, my husband and our 23-month old son throughout the 31 ½ hour labour and birth. I was attended by two midwives and Eleanor was able to act as an advocate for me and my family when we needed. She also acted as a source of direct support for me, talking me through contractions and buoying my self-belief when I felt I couldn’t carry on. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.